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Planning, designing, specifying and equipping a shooting range is a major undertaking. This is also the case for renovation projects.

The requirements demanded by the activity of live fire shooting are unique and require careful planning.

Secotron can guide you through the critical stages of planning, design, equipment selection and installation.

Our team will provide assistance in translating your operational requirements into the key issues of range use, ballistic protection, ventilation, noise attenuation, environmental compliance and safety.

Secotron can provide you the necessary expertise and assist you in all the stages for the realisation of your shooting range.

Case by case, we can deliver the products without our assistance for the installation. After the installation is completed we can inspect the equipment and make final adjustments. Secotron can also be on-site to guide your construction company during the entire process. At last we can also assume the responsibility for the entire installation.

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